The 2022 race season is a GO!



The Southern Alberta Multisport Society is dedicated to keeping multisport activities alive in Lethbridge and surrounding areas. We are excited to bring new events and new partnerships to the table to create an inclusive and active Southern Alberta!


Our goal is to offer inclusive quality events to everyone

Events can be different distances, olympic/sprint/super-sprint.


The COMPETITIVE group will be made up of athletes trying to gain points by placement and earn their name on the SAMS Competitive Cup. The winner will have their name engraved on the trophy and be given a small version to take home to display. They will also be given 2 gift cards to be used at Runners Soul and Bert & Macs along with free entry to a race, in the series, the following year.


Example: 3rd overall but 1st in the 35-39 Female age group = 13pts


The SAMS Competitive Cup


The competitive cup points are awarded as:


Overall Points

1st - 10, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 8, 4th 7, 5th - 6,

6th - 5, 7th - 4, 8th - 3, 9th - 2, 10th - 1

Age Group Points

1st - 5, 2nd - 3, 3rd - 1

The RECREATIONAL group will be made up of athletes who supply a total goal time for all the races they are competing in. Must be registered in more than 1 race. The person closest to their goal time wins. The winner will receive a certificate and free entry to a race of their choosing, in the SAMS series, the following year. The runners up will be given a certificate for their efforts. The point structure is:


1st - Closest guessed time, 2nd - next closest, 3rd - next closest


Example: Tyler J. guessed a total time for 2 races of 2:54:34, he completed them in 2:50:30 and was 4:04 minutes away. Mary F. guessed a total time for 3 races of 3:13:22 and completed them in 3:12:20, and was only 1:02 away. Tommy P. guessed 5:42:21 for 2 races and completed them in 5:42:55 and was 34 seconds away. Mary F. would win as Tommy P. was over his guessed time and she was closer than Tyler J.


The TEAM category will be made up of all ages and genders. To win, a team must have at minimum; 1 male and 1 female competitor. The winning team will be determined by average placement through their races, and must race in more than 1 event.


The YOUTH category will be structured like the RECREATIONAL group. Guess a total time and the closest wins. This group will have winners from male and female and will be 5 placements deep in each gender. A certificate of accomplishment will be handed out. First place in each gender will be given a gift card to either Runners Soul or Bert & Macs.

Subaru Lethbridge
Kids of Steel Triathlon

A Lethbridge based event bringing kids from the ages of 6-19 together for a multisport event at the University of Lethbridge sanctioned by Triathlon Alberta


Lethbridge KOS Event Page


Civic BRB "Be right back"

An event for all ages, consisting of run/swim/run. Held at Civic track and Fritz Sick Pool.


Information here


Hill Climb Series

Ever wanted to race the hills around Lethbridge? Now's your chance. Cycling or Running!


Race Calendar

Dash Pedal Gasp

In memory of the Splash Pedal Gasp triathlon, we are proud to announce this event to be held in the River Valley of Lethbridge, this event hosts a run/bike/run race to the finish for ages 16+


Details coming soon!


Cycling Time Trials

From 1km sprints to 40km endurance efforts, race around the highways of Southern Alberta for a chance at road racing supremacy!


Race Schedule coming soon!


Open Water Swim Series

Race across the lakes of Southern Alberta in this series looking for domination of the water


Race Schedule coming soon!


We have partnered with the following races to provide a race series points system

Vulcan Tin-man Triathlon


Strathmore "Tri-smore"


Raymond Triathlon


Fort MacLeod Triathlon

How it works:

1. Register for at least 2 of the races on their sites

2. Register for one of the following on our site

    a. Competitive Cup Series

        - Race for the SAMS Series Cup, placement based

    b. Recreational Series

        - Race against the clock and a time you chose to beat

3. Race your way to victory!

JULY 16th 2022 Fritz Sick Pool & Civic Track

Basic race info:

Run is on a 400yd track

Swim is in a 25m pool



1st Run:

Age       Laps

5-7           2

8-9           3

10-11       6

12-13    7.5


14+ Distances

Quick Sprint

13.5 laps

Short Sprint


Long Sprint



Age       Laps

5-7         2

8-9         4

10-11     8

12-13   10










Teams Welcome

2-3 people

Mixed or single gender, oldest member determines age group


2nd Run:

Age       Laps

5-7        2

8-9        2

10-11    3

12-13    4









Run Laps Distance Conversion


Lap       yd       m

2          800     731

3        1200   1097

4        1600   1463

6        2400   2194

7.5     3000   2743

8        3200   2926

9        3600   3291

11      4400   4023

13.5   5400   4937

16.5   6600   6035

22      8800   8046


The Civic BRB is a great family event for those who love to Swim and Run. Without the bike leg to content with we anticipate this alternative to be an exciting event for both competitive and non-competitive racers.





With both running and cycling hill climb events, we have something for everyone. Don't like those, we can try to create an uphill swim event... Cycling climbs are limited to 75 riders and running climbs are limited to 100.

How it works:

1. Register for the hill climb series

     - Select one or more categories (road cycling & Road Running etc.)

     - If you select more than one, each additional series is 25% off

2. Train

3. Show up on race day warmed up and ready to climb

     - There are 2 climbs each day either the same one or two different hills

4. Full Send

Road Cycling Events

Schedule TBD

Coulee Cycling Events

Schedule TBD

Road Running Events

Schedule TBD

Coulee Running Events

Schedule TBD

Our first event in this series will be held in St. Mary's Reservoir. Distances offered will be:

- 600m, 1000m, 2000m, 4000m 10km, 20km

Details Coming Soon


This open water swim series will challenge your determination and mental fortitude. With distances from 600m to 20km, we have something for everyone.

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